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How to copy contacts to an Android phone

“How to copy contacts to an Android phone”

I will explain you about copying of contacts to an android device or any other device
Actually there exist many ways to move your contacts. And I am going to deal with the below details

1.Backup your contacts to Google
2.Backup your contacts to Sim
3.Use third-party apps
4.Usage of pre installed software from the new phone to get data from old phone

How to move your contacts to a brand new Android phone: Backup your contacts to Google.



If you are migrating from one Android phone to a different one, backing up the contacts to Google is the most easiest way of transferring them to a brand new phone.
On top of it has the significance of making those contacts available on any device you later upgrade to, and making them to available at anytime even though you lose your phone.

Note : There may be a differ in custom interfaces for Android device this means the instructions will vary slightly by model,but most of them are similar as mentioned below.

1.Openthe contacts or People app on your device.
2.Get into settings menu,which may be under the heading More.
3.Choose Import/Export,which will likely be under Manage contacts.
4.Select Export,then select export your contacts to device storage.
5.And the contacts will be stored as Vcard file, you can send them to a new phone(over bluetooth or mail) and follow same procedure for import the Vcard but select import rather than export, or you can upload it to your Google account online.
6.You need transfer the Vcard file to a PC or laptop. You can mail it or transfer it over bluetooth, or connect phone to PC or laptop and do drag and drop manually.
7.Reach to and choose Import Contacts.
8.Click Choose file to browse to the vCard now stored on your PC.
9.Click Import.
10.And now these contacts will be saved on your Google account, you can access them on any other device on which you are signed in.

How to move your contacts to a new Android device: Backup to SIM

1.Open the people App or Contacts from your device.
2..Get into settings menu,which may be under the heading More.
3.Choose Import/Export,which will likely be under Manage contacts .
4.Select Export,then select export your contacts to SIM card.
5.Take out your SIM and fix it into the new phone ,provided that it must be the same size slot as the one you are removing it from.
6.You may be asked to choose whether you want to use SIM contacts or not; if so state yes.

How to move your contacts to a new Android device: Use third-party apps to move from Android to Android or iPhone to Android.


Above we explained transferring contacts directly to a brand new phone or to your Google account using a vCard. Third-party apps do the same thing, but they simplify the process. Once we’ve used in the before, and is ideal for transferring contacts from Android to Android and from iPhone to Android, is MCBackup – My Contacts Backup. This is a completely free app, available for both iPhone and Android.
• Google Play or Launch the App Store
• Search for and install My Contacts Backup
• Open the app and give it permission to access your contacts when it pops
• Tap on the big green Backup button
• Tap on the big blue Send button
• Select an option to send the file to your new phone. This will majorly depends on what apps you have on your old phone, but as a guide we were offered Gmail, WhatsApp, Messages, Dropbox, Google Drive, Skype, OneNote, Android Beam, Bluetooth and OneDrive
• As soon as you receive the vCard file on your new phone, tap it to open it and choose Save. Alternatively, import the vCard file via Contacts/People, Settings, Manage contacts, Import. You will not need to have MCBackup installed on your new phone to import the contacts

How to move your contacts to a new Android device: Use software pre installed on the brand new phone.

Few Android phones have software pre installed that simplifies the process of extracting data – such as contacts – from your old phone. For example, Motorola offers Moto Migrate, which can transfer your contacts and other data from your old phone in just a few steps.
This will form part of the setup process on the new phone, and all you’ll need to do is follow the prompts. The phones will be connected via Bluetooth, perhaps using NFC to facilitate that pairing, then your photos, videos, text history, call history and SIM contacts will be copied from one to the other. The older phone doesn’t need to be an Android phone or a smartphone, but it does need to support Bluetooth.

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