A Story of Microsoft, Yahoo and Google – Past and Present

A Story of Microsoft, Yahoo and Google – Past and Present

Microsoft established in 1975 by Bill Gates. Microsoft a computer softwares company brought “Microsoft Windows” Operating system in the Market and it became popular. From Windows 95 to Vista, company made big achievements. But it’s OS (Operating systems) was not Perfect (Compatible) for Internet, in Windows Vista and XP many bugs/loopholes found. But Microsoft started to takeover or buy the Technology from other companies that Microsoft was lacking to become # No.1 in the Market.

Jerry Yang & David Filo Registered the Yahoo.com Portal in March’ 1995. Yahoo.com was giving Online Search and other useful internet Info. on it’s portal, users started to like it & Yahoo.com became Popular. Microsoft saw this and they started Microsoft Network aka MSN in August’ 1995.

In 1997, Yahoo took Four 11′s Rocketmail and Yahoo Mail! born. Plus Yahoo Acquired Yoyodyne which gave yahoo.com a addon of Online Classic games + Messenger (for chatting). Upon this Microsoft bought Jack smith and Sabeer Bhatia‘s Hotmail.com and Flash Communication‘s Messenger and FASA Interactive‘s Gaming Service… Microsoft took it all. Yahoo & Microsoft both were takeovering or buying the companies to take there Technology that they don’t have… a competition was started in both of them.

And then Larry Page and Guy Brain started a Online Search Engine – Google.com . Google was not like Yahoo and MSN portal.. so teh Big Internet Brands and companies, all Ignored Google.
Thats why at the beginnings on google, Google offered a huge amount to yahoo for Placing Google search on Yahoo’s “Power Search” title. This trick worked for Google, Net users noticed that Google search is better and more accurate. More users started to use Google search. But the increasing Project Cost was out of reach for Google owners, so they decided to SELL Google. The said Value and Unpredictable Google’s future thats why none was interested in Buying Google. But Google search was still getting more popular in internet users. So google management used this Popularity toward search ad’s and Google started to earn Billions of American Dollars each year. The company which everyone thinking was going to loss.. they were calling it as newbie.. but Google grown as Huge Company.

Google’s Text type Search AD product became popular. Google search was better that than Yahoo as this was noticed by Internet users. Enter a certain phrase or word on Google search and it gives result with the related website in a list with AD’s under Sponsores Links . Upon clicking this Sponsored Links Google gets money for it. Advertisers noticed that In this Type of Advertisements We can Reach more Internet users in Less cost.

Google’s Popularity was increased a lot, so they started to give many services free of cost. Google was giving every services that Yahoo and MSN was giving and Google started to displays there Banner or Text ads in those free services. Google made contract with some websites, Google bought YouTube and they invented Video Ads idea. Google launched Google DocumentsTranslatorG-Talk (Free phoning service) and Gmail these all services were free of cost, and gave Yahoo and Microsoft a big SHOCK. Microsoft & Yahoo started to feel with this speed Google will takeover whole Internet Market.

At that time Yahoo was not in a position to Compete with Microsoft’s Windows Operating system (though it was full of bugs) and Google…. Yahoo’s shares started to fall. Yahoo’s market value also started decreasing. Same situation started with Microsoft, after this Microsoft started some hidden business Talk with Yahoo in 2005. Microsoft thought whole yahoo could not be bought but we can take there Yahoo search.

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