Adsense Alternatives. Alternatives to google adsense that pay a lot more money and they wont ban you

What are the Best Google Adsense Alternatives?

Adsense Alternatives.   If you want to get paid much more per click than google adsense then you want Top Secret Magic Code.

Similar to how Google’s AdSense™ works you will be going to a website and then taking a strip of “code” and then adding it to a webpage you have (or even many, many webpages you have!)
But whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of thinking this is AdSense!
While AdSense is great, Top Secret Magic Code is MUCH BETTER adsense alternative!

The top secret magic code adsense alternative system allows you to add just 1 simple string of code to any webpage you have, and magically you start to see some big money start rolling in.

Plus, you will see in this article:
1. How to upload pages instantly to the Web
2. How to get free and inexpensive traffic to your pages
3. And how to sit back and watch the money roll in after adding the magic code!

These strings of code can be generated instantly when you set up an account (free!) and go to their section that allows you to set the “parameters” for the code you get at the end. “Parameters” just means things like:

• Your Ad Type (e.g., text banner, etc)
• Whether Horizontal or Vertical Layout
• Size
• Background Color
• Headline Color
• Description Color
• Etc.

So you have COMPLETE 100% control of how the ad looks on your webpage.  Google adsense offers you some visual control but not like Top Secret Magic Code does.
You then set your ad’s cost and for what duration. In other words YOU decide (not someone like Google!)how much you are going to charge when someone places and ad on your page.

You will want to be fair as if you charge too much, the advertiser may not make his money back sufficiently – and he may decide not to renew his ad each term.
You can set your duration for:
• 1 day
• 7 days
• Or 30 days if you choose

After setting your duration, you can then “click” to generate your code!
From here, you simply add that code at some location on your webpage or webpages.

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