Aurora Concept Video – Firefox

Aurora Concept Video - Firefox

Aurora is a concept video presenting one possible future user experience for the Web, created by Adaptive Path as part of the Mozilla Labs concept browser series. Aurora explores new ways people could interact with the Web in the future based on projected technological trends and real-world scenarios.

Welcome to the future — well, one possible future, anyway.

This is Part 1 of Aurora, a concept video created by Adaptive Path in partnership with Mozilla Labs. With Aurora, we set out to define a plausible vision of how technology, the browser, and the Web might evolve in the future by depicting that experience in a variety of real-world contexts.

The release of Aurora is part of the launch of Mozilla Labs’ browser concept series, an ongoing initiative to encourage designers and developers to contribute their own visions of the future of the browser and the Web. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be releasing more video segments, as well as background material showing just what went into imagining the future of the Web and translating that into a video.

Wednesday night, join us at the Adaptive Path offices here in San Francisco to celebrate the release of Aurora and get an advance look at some of the video segments before they’re released. Also, at Adaptive Path’s UX Week next Friday, we’ll be presenting a case study about the project. There are still a few seats available — use promotional code “BLOG” for a 10% discount.

Tomorrow on the Adaptive Path blog: How do you predict the future?