Can In Text Ads work with AdSense?

Can In Text Ads work with AdSense?

Yes, In Text Ads and AdSense can be Good Friends

Yes, you can monetize your website with in text ads together with Google AdSense ads. I could have finished this article here, with a simple Yes, but I get this question so often that I thought a few more words can make it clearer. Plus, there is an bonus extra insight.

Why even ask about AdSense?

Websites integrate Google AdSense ads with almost any other kind of advertising. In fact, AdSense has became such a standard monetization tool that you can see it alongside any other method of online advertising. So why do website publishers still ask about the ability to run in-text together with AdSense? One explanation could be simply because it is a rather new. Another explanation could be that publishers simply ask about all types of ads, in-text included. Both explanations are valid.

To add on these explanations, a few years back, around the year 2006, there was an actual concern about clashes between AdSense and in-text. In Internet time, that was a long time ago and both methods have evolved since then, but the Web keeps a record of everything and if you dig deep enough, you might find warnings about this. If you do, you can relax. Anything about clashes between AdSense and in-text is old news. With a trusted in text ads provider you can be sure that there will be no technical clashes with AdSense ads, and also, as far as I know, Google does not have anything against in-text ads. In fact, it won’t be unreasonable to assume that Google will get into in-text ads as well in the near future.

Will In Text Ads affect AdSense Revenues?

No, in text ads do not affect AdSense revenues. Again, this could be a very short paragraph. A simple No would suffice. To be on the safe side of clearance, I would add that I worked with many thousands of websites, almost all of them integrated both Google AdSense and in text ads, and none of them reported any decrease in earnings from AdSense. This should be reassuring, I hope. The explanation is probably in the nature of the click through rate (CTR). It seems that the type of visitor that clicks on a banner-like ad from AdSense (these ads surround the text) is different than the type of visitor that clicks on the in text ads within the content. They don’t replace one click by the other and therefore there is no influence on the earnings. One exception to this general statement is that when in text ads are just added to an existing website, they sometime get more attention than usual for a short while, but as the double underline links become more familiar, it all goes back to normal.

How much Revenue can In Text Ads add on top of AdSense?

This is a tricky question since earnings from online ads differ widely depending on many different factors. I have seen websites where the in text ads revenues where double the AdSense revenues. I have seen websites where the revenue level was approximately the same. In most cases, with a good in text ads provider, your website revenues should not be less than half of the AdSense revenues. So, bottom line â?? how much? You can expect your website is in text ads to generate up to 50% of your AdSense revenues (on top of the AdSense earnings) and plan accordingly. Then, you can hope to be surprised by higher levels of revenue. If you get less than that, you should optimize your in text ads integration (and I do give tips for that).

In Text Ads make Sense together with Google AdSense

Hereâ??s the promised extra insight (from Online Siesta, my professional blog about online advertising and in text ads). The best combination for website monetization through placing ads on a website is by adding both Google AdSense and in text ads. Accordingly, in text ads are not an AdSense alternative, but an AdSense supplement.

If you have already decided to put AdSense ads on your website, it means that you have acknowledged the fact that ads are going to interrupt your visitors?? attention while they browse through your content. In fact, with the growing portion of flash banners within AdSense ads, they become more and more intrusive, grabbing your visitors?? attention away from the original content. If that is the case with your website and lets s face it, most websites do use AdSense then adding in text ads on top of AdSense is both logical and beneficial. In text ads are not as jumpy as flash banners, they are opened only upon your visitors active choice (when they hover over with the mouse), and they add substantially to your revenues. In text ads make sense together with Google AdSense.

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