City Union Bank Cradless Withdraw From ATM Using QR Code

CUB Cardless Withdrawal

City Union Bank Cradless Withdraw From ATM

City Union Bank Cradless Withdraw From ATM Using QR Code, City Union Bank is one of the financial services company and it’s an Indian bank providing the best services to CUB account holders. now they launched one of the best feature called “CUB Cardless Withdrawal ” and you can withdraw money from ATM Without an ATM card or DEBIT Card in this article I am going to share ou how to withdraw money from City Union Bank Without Debit Card here are the below step you need to follow.

Cardless Withdrawal

in the previous even people who won’t have an account they can withdraw money using cardless Withdrawal but for an account holder one more best features added to An ATM you can make use of new features you can withdraw money using QR code.

How Cardless Withdrawal Works

CUB Caedless withdrawal using QR

this is one of the best newly launched features where customers can withdraw money using their mobile any UPI application like Phone Pay GPay PayTM BHIM etc. now onwards customer no need to worry if they forgot to carry ATM card or Debit Card so you can withdraw money using QR code Through any UPI application and Scan your QR code on ATM screen which has UPI enabled ATMs no need to swipe just Scan the QR and make the transaction and Upto 5000 You can withdraw using UPI QR, and no need to worry about its safe and secure and every time your QR code will change no one can able to access.


  • no need to worry about safety it’s more secure and every time the QR will change.
  • you can withdraw up to 5000 Using QR.
  • cardless withdrawal facility.
  • you can use any UPI application.
  • before making a transaction make sure you visited UPI-enabled ATM.

this is how it works you can now make use of QR code to make transaction Using the UPI application

For any Query Contact: City Union Bank Help Center 

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