Content Management Systems Boost Website Productivity

Content Management Systems Boost Website Productivity

If you own a website, then a content management system (CMS) can make your job a whole lot easier, as it can add or update information, whether it has 10 pages or 10,000 pages. A content management system is a tool that enables you to manage the pages that make up your website. With a CMS program, you will be able to create, edit, publish, update and archive your website’s content and what’s most importantly, you can do all these without any help from your web designer. Maybe the most popular and easy to use CMS is WordPress.

Here are the most common publishing uses for a CMS:

News, announcements and press releases
Articles and newsletters
Product details
Special offers
Testimonials and case studies
Vacancies and personnel profiles
Useful links
Online resources and downloads

In case you’re wondering whether a CMS will benefit you, well, here are some questions that will give you an idea of whether a content management system would be good your business:

·         Do you need your web designer to update text and images on your website on a regular basis?

·         Do you fully depend on your web designer to keep your website up to date with all the activities in your business, like new product releases, price changes or marketing campaigns?

·         Do you feel that the maintenance price you are paying your website designer is getting higher and higher?

·         Are you becoming frustrated that some of the content on your website is obsolete or inaccurate?

·         Do you ever miss business opportunities by not being able to add timely or topical content in response to changes in your market?

If you answer “Yes” to one or more of these questions, you should use a CMS to update your website. And if you are still not convinced, here are your direct benefits of a CMS:

1.      Lower costs for website maintenance

The immediate benefit of using a content management system is cost reduction.  Updating your own website yourself, rather than paying a website designer to do all the changes on your behalf, will save you lots of money. When you start using a CMS you will usually pay a fixed charge that does not vary with the number of changes you make to your web page. So, the more you use your content management system, the lower the cost per change becomes. On the other hand, every time your web designer makes changes on your behalf, he will charge you for each change, meanings that the cost per change is never reduced.

Businesses that choose to use a content management system for their website always expect to increase their productivity and improve the web ROI (Return on Investment) by improving the quality of the web and intranet content. In order to calculate the ROI, the benefit (return) of an investment is divided by the cost of the investment and the result is expressed as a percentage or a ratio. In simple terms, the formula for ROI is

(Profit – Investment)

Return on investment is a very popular way to measure your benefit, because of being so easy to use and implement. In other words, if your investment doesn’t have a positive return on investment percentage, or if you can find other businesses with a higher ROI, then your investment should be not be undertaken.

2.      Timely and updated content

As previously stated, a CMS enables you to make immediate changes to your website.  Perhaps you’ll want to upload certain infos at a particular time of year, Christmas or Valentine’s for instance, or maybe you want to show something at a time that’s in sync with a particular event like the World Cup or the elections. Many content management systems allow you to set a particular start and an end date for your content, plus your  CMS could automatically remove the details of each event from your website as soon as it is no longer of interest.

3.      Higher ranking in the search engines

Search engines simply love fresh content added on a regular basis. Think about it: updated web content, including keywords phrases relevant to your niche market – you will definitely boost your chances of search engine exposure and this will increase traffic on your website.

All these being said, you probably convinced yourself of how much help a CMS could bring to your business and how it could boost your website’s effectiveness by offering your visitors timely, fresh and appealing content. Undoubtedly, a content management system will help you improve your website content, making your customers keep coming back for more valuable information and you can rely on it as a regular source of business opportunities.

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