Easyfone Star Launched In India Ring for Total Security for Kids

Easyfone Star Launched In India

Easyfone Star Launched In India 

  • Easyfone Star is launched by eNivus Enterprises Pvt Ltd in India.
  • Also, this is an Indian’s first Kid Phone designed for safety and to be connected.
  • Its one of the best Phone you can make use of it for your kid safety and security.
  • whenever your kids are going to school tuition or other places without you, that moment you need not worry about safety and security.
  • just you need to give an Esayfone to your kid so that you can easily get all the Updates from that phone.
  • Therefore in this article, I am going to give you complete detail and its specification and how it works, and its price.

Easyfone Price In India

In India, Easyfone was launched with fewer prices with more security and safety and you can purchase it online

Easyfone Price in flip kart: Rs.3499 only.


Easyfone price in Amazon: Rs.3499 only.



Features of Easyfone Star

Calls TO and FROM Chosen Numbers Only

  • On this phone there is no number Keypad and also the kid is not able to dial any number, also not able to receive unknown calls.
  • Also, the best thing is it’s only made for connecting parents with a child, only family members can call and receive.
  • So that in this way your kid is not at the risk of talking to Strangers.

GPS Location Feature

  • In this mobile one of the best features is the GPS location tracker, if you enable SOS to feature you can easily track the current location of your kid.
  • Also, you can check if your kid starts moving to another place you will get an update, this one of the best features you can make use of to provide the best security to your kid.

Dedicated Help Buttons

Dedicated Help Buttons

  • A dedicated help button will help to send SMS In an Emergency situation.
  • and this most help full and the kid need to click on the red button on the backside of the phone then automatically send an SMS will be forward to all the close people are there in the list with its current location.
  • And with the help message and if the call goes unanswered at that time it will take up to 3 calls to repeat.

Discreet Listening

  • By using this feature you can listen to everything, so by listening to the sound, you will get to know whether they are properly taking care of or not.
  • This is another way you can take care of and also provide security to your kid.

Auto Call Back Facility

  • If in case your Kid is not answered your call, at that time subsequently you can also use the call back to call it will automatically call and receive a call and also it will activate Loudspeaker mode.

Care Touch App

Click Here: Care Touch App 

  • Care Touch App is helpful to avoid any changes on your kind phone.
  • Also, by using this you can control all the settings and if you have this application the kid won’t be able to change any settings.

Safe Charges

  • You need not worry about chargers there is a special charger facility available in this device that is “DOCK Charger “it’s an easy way of charging.

Personalized Charging Facility

  • In this mobile, there is only 4 option either kid can call any 4 people in a family-like father, mother, uncle, aunty, etc
  • And they won’t receive other unwanted calls and also they are not able to call other people.

Do Not Disturb Mode

  • By using this mobile they won’t get any disturb and usually their mobile is always in the silent mode.

SET Reminders

  • You can also set Reminders on the Easyfone to remind kids to take medicines on time birthday events etc.
  • By using this, you can easily set alarms on these devices.

Specification of Easyfone Star

Name : Easyfone Star

Display:4.32cm (1.7 inch)

OS : GSM:B2,B3,B5,B8

Storage: 32GB, RAM:32GB  expandable up to 8 GB.

Camera Feature: NO.

CALL Feature: YES.

Battery: 800mAh

Warranty: 1 year.

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