How To Block Unwanted Voice Calls And Message On Telegram

Block Unwanted Voice Calls And Message On Telegram

Block Unwanted Voice Calls On Telegram

Nowadays telegram is one of the best trending application you can chat with your friends and family and also you will get the newly realized films so you need to follow such page and you will also get job notification etc and you can call either voice or video and also you can chat, create group, etc so one more thing even you can get unknow person can also text or call you because in this app there is a feature called people nearby and so that your nearby people can also send a message .so to avoid such unknown called and message just you need to follow the below steps.

Steps To Block Unwanted Calles On Telegram

block unwanted call on teligram

Step1.open the telegram application then Click on the 3 lines in the top left corner.

Step2.than go to settings click on the Privacy and Security.

Step3.there you get a list of options then click on the Call option.

Step4.than click on the “My Contacts” option now on words you won’t get any calls from unknown persons.

this how you can block unknown users from getting unknown voice calls.

Steps To Block Unwanted Message On Telegram

Steps To Block Unwanted message On Telegram

nowadays people are randomly checking the people nearby and send the message so at that if you don’t want to chat with unknown people then you need to follow the below steps to get rid of unknown chat and the best way is to BLOCK here are the below steps you need to follow to block unwanted message on telegram.

Step1. open the telegram app then open the unknown user chat.

Step2.click on the user profile then you get the list option.

Step3.than click on the ” BLOCK USERS”

Step4.now the user is blocked now you won’t get any message and call from that unknown person.

this is how you can block unknown calls and Messages on telegram.

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