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How To Change Background Of Zoom Meeting Like Everyone

how to change the background of zoom meeting

how to change background of zoom meeting

Zoom App is one of the best cloud-based Video conferencing applications you can meet with your friend and business clients Via Video chat and also you can chat, in 2020 zoom has become one of the leading video-conferencing applications. this app especially becomes popular in corona situation due to lockdown every one started using Zoom App for study purpose and businesses and work from home etc so everyone uses Zoom App so instead of your normal background, you can make use of different background yes, of course, I am saying about Zoom meeting background only you can easily change just you need to follow the below steps to Change Background Of Zoom Meeting Like Everyone.

Steps To Change Zoom Background On Laptop

How To Change Zoom Background On Laptop

Download Zoom For Windows

Step1.Firstly Open the Zoom App then go To Your Profile in the top right corner there is an option called SETTING Click on That.

Step2. then you get a list of options to click on the VIRTUAL BACKGROUND.

Step3. Click on that then there will be some default background images are available you can choose.

Step4.if you don’t want to add defult background instead of that you can also add your own photos as a background to Zoom.

Step5.to set your own background click on the VIRTUAL BACKGROUND then click on the + icon then choose any one image to set a background and that upload.

Step6.if you don’t want to set background and if you want to remove background just follow the same steps then there is an option to remove image like the X icon near your image then click on that the background will be removed from your Zoom Meeting.

Steps To Change Background in Zoom Android

How To Change Background in Zoom Android

Download Zoom App

Step1.open the Zoom meeting app then login to your account join the meeting.

Step2.there you get a 3 dot click on that then you get many options.

Step3.than in that below you get an option called MORE click on that.

Step4.in that click on VIRTUAL BACKGROUND.

Step5. then you can choose any one image so set an image as the background for your zoom meeting.

Step6.if you don’t want to remove the background click on X in the top left corner.

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