How To Chat With Yourself On WhatsApp

Chat With Yourself On WhatsApp

chat with yourself on whatsapp

  • Chat With Yourself On WhatsApp is one of the best features you can use for multiple reasons.
  • you can share data file message audio video etc to make use of further.
  • It’s one of the best features you can share any personal data to yourself to keep a note and later if you want you can share.
  • but you may be thinking right now about how to chat with yourself?.
  • don’t worry here I will give a complete step-by-step process.

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Steps Chat With Yourself On WhatsApp

Step1. open any one browser on your mobile on the search bar.

sep2.  enter the given code with your number in the search browser.

Step3. Type ” wa.me//’your country code ‘followed by your mobile number ”

step4. for example, an Indian user can type like this: was.me//91xxxxxxxxxx.

step5.than you get WhatsApp and browser then choose WhatsApp.

step6.than your contact is added to Whatsapp now you can chat by yourself.

this is the best and recently added feature you can keep a note on your WhatsApp by using this feature.

[ For more detail click here: Whatsapp Help Center ]

for any query you can contact the help center of Whatsapp they will try to solve your all problems and click on the above link for more queries.

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