How To Easily Uninstall Yahoo! Messenger From Your Computer?

How To Easily Uninstall Yahoo! Messenger From Your Computer?

How to easily uninstall Yahoo! Messenger from the computer is always a headache for lots of PC users when it expired or there is something wrong with the current version. Don’t worry! With the instructions here, you can completely uninstall Yahoo! Messenger from your computer.

First, how to manually uninstall Yahoo! Messenger?

1) Click Start Menu.

2) Go to Add/Remove Programs within Control Panel.

3) Highlight Yahoo! Messenger and then click Remove to begin the removal.

Note: Sometimes, there will be some related folders or registry items left behind after uninstalling Yahoo! Messenger with the above manual method. So it is necessary for you to take the below action to ensure a complete uninstallation:

1. Check whether there is a folder or associated folder named C:\Program Files\ Yahoo! Messenger. If so, directly delete it from your computer.

2. Go to Start, run, type “Regedit” in the search box, and then press “Enter” to access Registry Editor. Here, please check whether where there are the two items. If there are, directly remove them from your computer:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/ Yahoo! Messenger or


But it is not recommended to manually uninstall Yahoo! Messenger from the computer for it always combines so well with the computer. If it is incompletely or incorrectly uninstalled from the computer, serious problem like system crashes will happen. So I highly recommend that you can uninstall it with some professional uninstallers like Perfect Uninstaller. With this program in hand, you can easily uninstall kinds of unwanted programs easily with the tips below:

Second, how to automatically uninstall Yahoo! Messenger?

1) Run Perfect Uninstaller.

2) Highlight Yahoo! Messenger on its main interface.

3) Then click “Uninstall” button and then “Next” to begin the removal.

By following the uninstallation wizard, you can easily uninstall Yahoo! Messenger from the computer. You may wonder if I can not find the program in the display list, how can I uninstall it from my computer? Do worry, with the “Force Uninstall” function within Perfect Uninstaller, you can easily get the job finished: locate whether the program locates on your hard drive such as C:\Program Files\ Yahoo! Messenger, and then right click the folder to select “Force Uninstall”. This option allows you to forcibly uninstall programs from your computer. Is it useful?

So are you feeling troublesome to easily uninstall Yahoo! Messenger right now? Simply go to PC Help DIY site, then you can get the easiest way to thoroughly uninstall Yahoo! Messenger from your computer.

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