How To Get That Nanny Job

‘Experience Needed’ – How many times have you heard or read that? This can be frustrating. How do you get experience without having had a nanny job??!

Here are a few tips…

Positive Action

Whether you are going through a nanny in london or childcare agency in london, answered an advert or found a possible job through friends, you must treat the search as a full-time job too. Put effort into preparing a first class CV, follow it up with a phone call to introduce yourself and check they have received it. If there is not a phone number to call, wait a few days before emailing again. Persistence is important – it will get you noticed.


Keep it short, concise and ensure key information is at the top. List relevant qualifications first and format work experience in date order. Ensure dates are correct and that any gaps in your work history are explained. Feel free to include some personal information about your personality, interests and skills. If detailing information about your previous roles (i.e. job/family description) keep it positive and professional.

Look The Part

Jeans are trainers might be suitable for the actual job but a smart and professional appearance is always advised for interviews. Smart, sensible dress wear and tidy hair/nails will provide you with a more polished look. It is also a sign of respect towards your future employer highlighting you are ready for work and serious about the role.

Safeguarding/Ofsted Registration

Working with a childcare agency is becoming more regulated in terms of safeguarding procedures. Although nannies, if hired privately, are officially exempt, employers are becoming increasingly concerned that their nannies meet the required checks. If you register with Ofsted, they will automatically process your CRB.


The power of word of mouth should not be underestimated.

Being referred to a job by a friend, work colleague or acquaintance is an excellent way to secure a job. Employers will feel more at ease if they already know a bit about that person, especially if it is a positive work reference. You need to be vocal to your friends, family, agency and other nannies about what you are looking for. If you are registered with a nanny agency make sure you keep in regular touch so they don’t forget about you! You want them to think of you first when the ideal role crops up. Keep in touch with industry contacts who you feel may hear about new roles becoming available.

Work Hard

Once you’ve got your ideal job, make sure you keep it! Work hard and remember a smile and positive attitude goes along way. Be respectful to your employer(s) and try not to bring your personal problems to work with you. This can be tough at times, but personal and professional matters should be separate. Of course talk to your employer and keep them informed but stay happy and upbeat for the children’s sake as your employer is most concerned about their well-being after all.

Don’t rest on your laurels either. Keep looking for new and exciting ways to interact with the children. A positive, proactive nature is often extremely valued by employers. Maintaining strong relations will be rewarded, either by an increase in your salary, better working conditions or glowing references for future roles.

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