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How To Update Android OS On Smartphone

Update Android OS On Smartphone

  • Android Update are you looking for How To Update Android OS On Smartphone? don’t worry here I will help to update your smartphone OS.
  • it will help to improve the performance of the smartphone.
  • also, you may get new features.
  • it will update all applications and updates can be done automatically or manually.
  • whenever the new update comes you will get a notification message on your phone.

here are the below steps you need to follow to make a manual or automatic update on your smartphone.

Automatic Update On Smartphone

automatically update

  • in the automatic update, you no need to worry.
  • because whenever an update is there they will send a notification message then you can update.
  • if you not set the automatic Update or else if you skip the auto-update you can also go for a manual update.
  • here are the below steps to Update the smartphone OS manual.

Manual Update On Smartphone

manual update

  • power on the system then go to mobile settings.
  • then click on the about phone.
  • Click on the software update or system then it will take few minutes.
  • wait for few minutes.
  • if there is a new update is there you can update else your phone is now in updated OS.
  • and done with the manual process and this is how manual update is done in Smartphone.

this how the update is done both manual and automatic so that your smartphone will work faster and help you in better usage.

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