How To Update Zoom App On Laptop

Update Your Zoom App On Desktop

How To Update Zoom App On Laptop

Yes. your right in this article I am going to tell you how to update your Zoom App o Your Desktop yes exactly nowadays everyone having a smartphone pc and laptop and due to corona every one using zoom app on their android pc and laptop it may be work purpose study or it may be fo business so you all know in android we will update zoom app using play store and then what about PC or Laptop there is no play store and all. so I am going to help you to update your zoom application on your laptop you need to follow the below steps to update Zoom App.

Steps To Update Your Zoom app On your Laptop

Step1. Open the Zoom app on your Pc or laptop.

Step2. then click on your profile picture to check updates on the zoom application on the Top right Corner.

Step3.once after clicking on your profile you get a list of options available on your desktop or PC then choose ” Check For Updates” click on that.

Step4.if there is an update then update it, otherwise if it’s a new version no need to change anything.

Step5.if you are updated then click on done to close the pop-up notification on your screen.

Note :

if you are installed with an MSI installer by your team. then you not able to update anything if you want to update you need to contact your admin and there is no such button in your zoom profile like “Check for update ” this button is disabled.

For Any Query Click Here: [ Zoom Help Center  ]

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Do you know Mobizen app?

by using this app only I will guide how to record Zoom Meeting if you also want to record zoom meetings then click on the above link for more detail.





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