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How To Use Signal App On Your PC or Laptop

Signal Application On Your Laptop

How To Use Signal App On Your PC or Laptop? if you have a signal account then you can also use that signal account on a PC or Laptop but you need to follow the below steps to use the Signal app on your laptop or PC.signal app

Steps to Use Signal App on Your PC or Laptop

Step1. First, you need to download the application: signal Desktop

signal download

Step2. once the app is downloaded open the application you will get a below page.

Step3. than open signal application in your phone if you are an android user then follow these go-to signal settings -> Linked Devices ->+button scan the QR code.

Step4. if you are an Apple user then -> go to signal settings ->Linked Devices -> Link New Devices.

Step5. then you get the below option on your PC or Laptop then Enter your name.

Step6.than say Finish Liking Phone and it will take a few min.

signal desktop download

Step7. now you are connected with the signal app.

Step8. now you can receive messages and send messages to anyone and now you can share audio-video and files etc.

Step9.if you want to logout from your signal account on your PC or Laptop you can log out through your mobile.

Step10. go to signal app settings then go to Linked Device

Step11.there you find a name who log in and click on that.

Step12.you will get a notification called unlink ‘name’? than By Unlinking this device, it will no longer be able to send or receive messages.

Step13. then below that there will be 2 options cancel and OK then click on OK now signal app account is log out from your PC or Laptop.

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