No Nonsense’ Google Adsense Alternatives For Beginners And Blogspot Domain Users

No Nonsense’ Google Adsense Alternatives For Beginners And Blogspot Domain Users

Beginners or those people using blogspot or wordpress domain often find it difficult to enroll for google adsense which is the best ad network till date. Google may have its reasons. But there are many ad networks that pay decent among a hoard of scammers.

After trying almost each and every Ad Network finally here, we come with a list of Top 10 Best Google Adsense Alternative Ad Networks for beginners and bloggers using blogspot or wordpress domains. Almost all sites listed below do not require any criteria for account activation.

You also wont find networks like Yahoo Publisher or some other famous like double click or chitika since they have a long process of approval and a lot of criteria.

The networks listed below are ‘no nonsense’ for new publishers or blogspot/wordpress domain bloggers. By no nonsense, we mean that you will get instant activation, no need of website verification (in case required its just a formality, you are going to get approved, but no under construction blogs), you can paste as many codes on a single page.

We have received payments from most of them and they pay decent rates. The best part is almost all pay through paypal so instant transfer of funds. Its up to you how much traffic you can bring.

So here, we list the top 10 Google adsense ‘No Nonsense’ alternatives for beginners

IMPORTANT – After months of trial and testing we have compiled this list so please visit the site through the link provided and become our referral. After you join under us please comment below so that we can guide you to get the best out of the adnetwork. So become our referral and take advantage of our experience.


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