PDF To Word And Word To PDF Converter with Your Windows 7

PDF To Word And Word To PDF Converter with Your Windows 7

PDF is a popular file document used in school, business, and government, which shows formality with a look of authentication. However, PDF creators are rarely used by people, for either the admirable price or (Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended is with $699.00) or difficult to use. Occasions are people may just need a PDF file once for all, which is really crazy to roughly buy one. On the contrary, Microsoft Word is nearly a must to people either at home or in office. Is it possible to modify PDF file content like that in Word without buying the PDF creator? Yes, there are many and even free PDF to Word converters are available. Small PDF Converter is an Adobe PDF to Word converter and converts Microsoft Word documents to PDF files, too.

The primary function of Small PDF Converter is to convert *.pdf to *.doc or on the opposite *.doc to *.pdf, which is aimed at offering convenience for people to easily modify the PDF file content in Word or get a PDF file easily without buying the Adobe Creator.

As to convert PDF files to Word documents, this converter makes a real difference. It not only converts PDF to Word, retaining all the features of the original file, like the layout, the text fonts, the images and their positioning, etc, it also does an incredible job in partial conversion. Users simply enter the page numbers of the PDF they’d like to convert when they need only several pages or a single page of the PDF file content.

When use Small PDF Converter to convert Word to PDF files, it not only offers a PDF file after the Word to PDF conversion, but allows users to set all PDF properties, which is no difference to the ones made from PDF creators. Users can set passwords to the PDF file for security, do the allowed actions for readers (copy/paste/extract/print, etc.).

If the PDF is encrypted with password for view and modify, can Small PDF Converter still do the PDF to Word conversion? Well, Small PDF Converter would ask users for the password, if the password is provided, then the PDF to Word conversion can be achieved easily the same as to convert an ordinary PDF file to Word file.

Small PDF Converter is fully compatible with Windows 7, which makes it beneficial to Windows 7 users, too.

Small PDF mentioned : https://smallpdf.com/

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