Photoshop Elements Tutorial Looking At Photoshop Elements Versions

I have been asked the question, \”Which is the Best Version of Photoshop Elements\” so many times that I decided to write my answer down and hopefully answer the question once and for all.

What you first must understand is how Adobe has separated their Photo Editing Software by creating two separate programs. Photoshop Elements is the program for those who have never used or are just beginning to use photo editing software programs; Photoshop is the best program if you have previous experience with photo editing software and wish to use more advanced editing techniques when working with their photos. Typically people will begin with Photoshop Elements and move on to Photoshop once they become comfortable editing their own photos.

Program updates are common among all software developers simply because new features are added or existing features are enhanced; Adobe Elements is currently on version 8. Hacking or theft of the program is one reason software is updated as the desire to stay ahead of thieves is important.

If you are wondering if you should invest in a program upgrade and are comfortable using Photoshop Elements I recommend you put your money towards Photoshop CS4, which is the latest version on the market and contains many tools you may be missing out on in Elements.

If you are beginning to use Photoshop Elements and wish to conquer the program quickly I advise you look purchasing a video tutorials which can be found on the internet and are helpful regardless which version of Elements you are using. The main goal of these videos is to get you comfortable with the tools available so don’t worry too much if the screen in the video appears different from yours.

All versions of the programs have the basic tools to make your photos the best possible so don’t worry about purchasing the latest version available on the market.

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