Planning to Print Photo Id Cards – What are Your Id Software Options

Planning to Print Photo Id Cards – What are Your Id Software Options

Are you tired of paying the high costs associated with having another company print your photo ID? Are you planning to print your own photo ID cards? That’s smart business sense. Why leave a cost you can control in the hands of another company. But what are your ID software options?

To choose the right ID software you need to have an idea of what it is you plan to accomplish with the software. Here are some common questions you should have the answers to.

1. Are you printing one or two sides?

Single sided cards are the easiest and require the most basic printer and software. However, if you need to print either graphics, or if you need to print information on both sides of your photo ID card, you will need photo ID software that either supports duplex printing or dual sided printing. Exercise a little caution, because some of the entry-level products only offer single sided printing.

2. What type of database?

Will you be utilizing an internal database or an outside database? If you want to store the images and the data that you print to your photo ID cards, then choose software that allows for storage of the cards you have created. An internal database provides you with quick access to your data if you must reprint a card that has been lost or stolen. You can also make individual or global changes quickly and easily.

However, if you are going to have to share the card data with another office. you will need ODBC software, also known as an open database. Some programs will let you import ODBC, but they will not let you export. Ask your ID professional if you have any questions.

3. Are you going to be operating your software on a network?

If yes, you will need to choose software that supports networking. The three photo ID software industry leaders all do.

4. Will you need to print 2D barcodes?

All of the card software on the market allows for traditional barcode printing, which is 1D. However, 2D barcode printing is much more specialized, and will require special software.

5. Will you need to make changes to all your cards at once?

Mass changes aren’t something you’ll want to undertake manually. You’ll want card software that can do batch processing to keep things simplified and streamlined.

6. Will you need to encode smart cards?

Smart cards have an embedded memory chip, and an antenna within the card. Only some photo ID software allows you to work with this style of card.

Let’s have a look at a couple of the photo ID software packages on the market. This will give you an idea of what’s out there. Of course you’ll need to match your needs to the right software.

CardFive Software

CardFive software has certainly become a leader in the photo ID software industry, and one who has garnered much respect. They offer low pricing, excellent features, and tools that are easy to use. There are different levels of CardFive software available to choose from, depending on your needs. CardFive Classic is excellent for level entry design with no frills. Lite XL offers CSV database import, network printer ability, and magstripe encoding to list just a few features. Premier has all of the features you could ever need all in one software package.

Asure ID Software

This is by far one of the most popular software choices, and another industry leader. You can choose from several different products to match your needs. Assure ID Express and Assure ID Solo, are designed for small to medium size business environments, looking for affordable, easy to use solutions, with all the options they’ll need. Asure software packages will do just that. Asure Enterprise is for larger organizations with more elaborate needs. Exchange is an excellent choice of intuitive card designs, and it is also excellent if you are seeking exemplary data management.

EPI Suite Software

EPI is considered one of the most robust ID Photo card software packages on the market. EPI Lite has entry-level photo ID options including badges, and it’s perfect for small to medium size businesses. EPI Classic is excellent for medium size businesses that need to print hundreds of ID cards at one workstation. It is also an excellent choice if you need to duplex, encode barcodes, and other more complex tasks, while EPI Pro offers it all. There’s really nothing you can’t do with this software.

There are more photo ID software options, however these will get you started looking in the right direction. Don’t be afraid to ask the manufacturer or supplier if you have any questions, and don’t make a hasty decision. Like all sound business decisions, take your time and get what you need.

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