Recover Microsoft Word Documents That Show Errors in Your Pc

Recover Microsoft Word Documents That Show Errors in Your Pc

The problem with writing long and important documents in Microsoft Word is that unfortunately something can go wrong and you can lose all the data in the file. The causes are many, among them are an unexpected shutdown, a power surge or simply a problem with the formatting. Another even more troublesome cause is that a virus installs itself in your computer rendering all your Word documents useless.

There are many services to recover Word files available. All you have to do is send them your damaged Word file (that novel you finally started writing, your final term paper, your marketing plan) and they will do what they can to get it back.

There are two major problems with this approach at recovering Word remotely. One, is that you actually have to send out the file or files. This means anyone can read it, copy it, post it, or do anything with it. This may not happen as most companies are trustworthy, but some times it is not even their fault, the wrong button gets pushed, the wrong recipient gets the wrong file … In any case it is not wise to send out your important and private files unless you really have to. The second reason why you should not use a service to recover Word document files is that they will almost certainly use a third party application that anyone could buy, but they won’t necessarily use the best one. So they will tell you they could only recover Word up to so much information. You will never know if in fact the file could be further recovered. So what should you do? Well, in my experience I have to recommend WordFIX from Cimaware Software to recover Word documents that have been damaged and will not open or show errors that make working on the file impossible.

Comparing as many as five different options out there I have reached the conclusion that only WordFIX will get all the information in the file, including texts, formatting and images. So for what it’s worth if you are in a tight spot and need to be recovering Word files yesterday, give WordFIX a try. You have nothing to lose since the demo version is free and will tell you if you can recover the Word document or not.

When you buy software for recovering word files that are corrupt make sure the company offers a money back guarantee. Not all do and in data recovery not everything that shines is gold. For more infromation visit Cimaware Software

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