S Bike Mode On Any ANDROID

What Is S Bike(Samsung Bike) Mode?

s bike mode

  • S Bike mode means Samsung bike.
  • S Bike Mode application is launched by Samsung.
  • It’s also called Galaxy Bike it’s specially made for 2 wheeler riders it will avoid unwanted calls.
  • if any person calls you then he will get a caller tun like ” the person is riding the bike “.
  • if the call is urgent then the caller can press 1 to dial a call to the person.
  • then the notification will send to the person who can stop the bike and receive the call
  • you can activate S Bike Mode On Any ANDROID.
  •  S Bike Mode Ring Tone for Freely available you can download it online.

S Bike Mode Download Link: [ Click Here ]

How To Activate S Bike Mode

  • First of all, you can check whether your mobile is updated or not.
  • if not then update in the above  setting you get  an option called ” S Bike Mode “
  • how to activate s bike mode while riding a bike click on the s bike mode and then allow for location.
  • then you get terms and conditions that agree with all those conditions and continue.
  • note: while using s bike mode don’t use any headphones.
  • now the s bike mode is activated.

How S Bike Mode Works?

using S bike mode is very easy you can activate and deactivate whenever riding a bike.

  • the user needs to activate S Bike mode when he is riding a bike.
  • that’s it and the work is done by itself.
  • If any person call you the S bike mode will notification like ” user is riding a bike he not able to take a call “
  • if the call is urgent or an emergency then you can press 1 so the call will be connected.
  •  after that, he will stop the bike and he will talk to you.
  • if the call is from a service provider then they are not able to press and that is one of the add-on features.S

this one of the best options available on the mobile you can make use of it provides more security and safety to the people who are riding the bike.

mainly by using this method you can reduce the chances of accidents whenever you are riding make sure that your S bike mode is activated.

For any query :  [ service center Samsung ]

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