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Top 10 Hidden features of whatsapp

Top 10 Hidden Features of WhatsApp

whats app

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications where more than a million active users we have. WhatsApp is very active by adding its new features every week. We must know all those active features, tricks, and tips we use to access the application. If your regular WhatsApp user for your personal or business purpose then u have to know these hidden features of these applications here are the Top 10 Hidden features of whatsapp.

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1.Hide WhatsApp group videos and photos from the gallery

whats app

Most of us don’t have control over how to stop adding content into the gallery which we get in the WhatsApp group. And this content creates huge problems in the gallery. So now WhatsApp added the new options to hide the media visibility in the group. Just open the WhatsApp group and tap on the group name and access the option which is shown in the image below.

2.Secure your WhatsApp using a fingerprint lock

There are many options to secure your phone. You can also secure your WhatsApp by adding a fingerprint. Only people who have their fingers registered on their mobile will be able to access WhatsApp.
To follow this procedure go to settings > accounts > privacy and scroll down to fingerprint.

3.Hide particular contacts from viewing your stories

Stories are a great way to express our moods and show off our images, videos, and own writing status to the WhatsApp contacts but it can be quite personal. If you don’t want to share them with all then you can hide particular contacts from viewing your status updates.
• Go to setting then select  status Privacy
• Select my contacts except then select contacts which you want to hide then share the story.

4.Read messages without given away by blue ticks

If you wish to read a sender messages by not knowing them, then there are few options you could do it in WhatsApp. You can disable blue ticks but then you won’t be able to see others have read your messages.
Settings > Accounts >Privacy > read receipts

To read multiple or long messages just turn on the airplane mode, read messages then turn off the airplane mode. This way you can read the messages without knowing the sender.


5.Delete messages after you have sent them

This application has a feature you can still unsend a message which you have already sent. But there is only 60min time you can delete the messages.
How does this feature work?
• Long press a message
• Delete for everyone

6.How to read deleted messages on WhatsApp?

There is a way to read deleted messages from the sender. For that, you have to download the ‘notification log app’ and then access to read the notification.
Step1 – Download the Notification History Log App from the play store. This app acts as a third party to maintain a log of all notifications. It can also be used to see accidentally clear notifications from the notification panel.

Step 2- Once it installed then click enable permission to access your notification.

Step 3- now, whenever u get notifications on your mobile ‘notification history log app ‘will automatically add it to its app. And it shows in the advanced History ‘option.

7.Auto answer WhatsApp messages

If you’re busy and you wish to add an automatic reply message to the WhatsApp conversations, there are several apps to achieve this. One app we can try is Auto Reply for WhatsApp.

8.Schedule WhatsApp messages

If you want to schedule Whatsapp messages for group or individual contacts there is an Application to schedule the timing to get calls or messages from the sender. The application name is the scheduler app for WhatsApp. After getting permission from the app you can fill in the required details and schedule your messages.

9.Limit data used by WhatsApp

To restrict the data consumed by application this is what we have to do.
Go to setting > data and storage usage
In this, we can choose what content (Photos, videos, documents, etc) is eating your data

10.Pin conversation or make shortcuts

If you want to keep the particular contacts on top of the conversation just long-press the conversation and choose the pin shown in the options and it appears on top.

for more detail click here: whats app help center

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