What will it take to end Internet Explorer’s reign of terror?

Is Internet Explorer on life support?

The answer is no, absolutely not, or at least not yet. Microsoft Internet Explorer is a graphical web browser that enables users to surf the net, to visit web sites on their computer, but sometimes at a cost. Though Microsoft’s Internet browser continues to fall under scrutiny, it still leads the world in users (about 60%) with Mozilla’s ‘Firefox’ coming in second at about 30%, but IE is still the top dog (sadly). As a programmer and web designer I use all browsers to check my work, to make sure that all my web sites are functional in all browsers:

Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome

These are the big hitters in the browser industry and if you ask any web designer which browser they prefer to use they will most assuredly tell you, “any of them EXCEPT INTERNET EXPLORER”. This sentiment has been echoing loud and clear in the web industry. Internet Explorer’s bad reputation isn’t just national, its global. German, French, and Australian governments have all advised us not use Internet Explorer. And now Microsoft’s Security Advisory has stated that there are security issues with Internet Explorer versions 6, 7, and 8.

Microsoft has been under scrutiny ever since it’s inception. Beginning with numerous security issues, poisonous java applets, innumerable bugs floating in their scripts to multi-million dollar lawsuits filed against them. It seems that every year we as consumers are forced to download the newest, safest version of Windows IE (for some reason it’s not called Microsoft IE anymore, hmm). We need these updates to make sure our browsing on IE doesn’t somehow infect our notebooks and PCs with viral bugs that like to wipe out our computers. This has been an ongoing strategy for Microsoft, every year. When I talk to other programmers and designers they emphatically say that they never use IE except when they have to, and they most certainly never, ever, upload the “newer, better” version of IE upon release. Most knowledgeable Internet surfers feel the same way and are happy to share their outlook on them; “IE is garbage and Firefox rules!” is the common sentiment heard on the web.

As a professional in the web industry, it’s frustrating seeing these IE implosions year in and year out, without any consequences for the giant Microsoft to harbor. This will continue to manifest until IE finally destroys the world. Okay, maybe that won’t happen, but when you lose all of your money out of your bank account because of a Windows security “glitch”, it might not be the end of the world but you’ll be able to see it from there.

This brings me to my point, Internet Explorer must go. We have all had our problems with them for too long now and it’s obvious that they either don’t care or just don’t know any better. Either way, enough is enough. Don’t worry though, there is a solution. Right now go to Mozilla, Netscape, Opera or any other browser for that matter and download it NOW. It will only take you a couple of minutes to assure you of a more joyous, happy and free life on the Internet. Once you’ve downloaded your new browser, turn off IE, and never, ever, open it again. If you’d like to download Firefox right now, visit Webking, there is a safe link to download on the landing page ( I don’t make anything off of it, I’m just trying to save you from IE ). Good luck and happy browsing without IE.

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