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Advantage and Disadvantage of using Mobile Phones

Mobile Phone

Advantage and Disadvantage of using Mobile Phones, Do you remember our olden days,

there were no mobile phones at that time we send a message through letters, landlines, fax, etc.

At that time it’s very hard to transfer messages and any information from one place to another place.

now it becomes so better because of the mobile phone, now you Can transfer any information within seconds.

like calling, messaging, chatting and video call facility, etc.

here are the Advantage and Disadvantage of using Mobile Phones


Advantage Of Using Mobile Phone

  1.  using a mobile you can connect to the world like you will get all information and you can make call text even you can access all social media you are connected with people
  2. there are  many entertainment gaming application is available on mobile phone
  3. when you are traveling or going some other place it will give route and you can track your location and all, mobile phone GPRS will help you to track the location
  4. you can transfer data from one mobile to another mobile like audio-video photo  documents you can transfer as well as you can receive data
  5. there are several advantages like you can recording devices, calendars, calculators, data storage camera,s etc.

Disadvantage Of Using  Mobile Phone 

1.late night chat and using mobile phone continuously create health problems

2.it will create some interruptions like mobile phones are available continuously with you than incoming calls emails text social media notifications etc.

3. nowadays people spend more money while buying a phone that’s also one of the disadvantages because there is a loss of money

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