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Best way to improve your Phone Battery life


Are you using the same  Smartphone for more than one year? if yes means it will not give correct battery backup so to overcome this problem I will give you 10 best way to extend your phone battery life and here you can follow those tips and improve your battery life and from starting only I mean you can also follow these tips when you buy a phone and further it will give better battery back up here is the Best way to improve your Phone Battery life.

here are the 10  best way to improve your BATTERY LIFE

1.battery saving mode

nowadays every one Use smart Phone and almost all people who use mobile they don’t put their mobile in BATTERY SAVING MODE so they will put saving mode when the battery is going to die so as much as possible try to put your Mobile in Power Saving Mode and it may help you to save Your battery longer time and also gives you batter battery back.


As much as possible put your mobile in low battery mode it may help you to save your charge and also it will protect your eyes and  this may help you for a batter battery back up to your mobile and you can use enjoy the batter battery life for long-duration this is also one of  the best methods to protect and to save your charger


Turn off WIFI and BLUETOOTH  whenever you are not using and it may consume your mobile charge and so as much as possible Turn OFF the WIFI and BLUETOOTH  so it may help you to improver your battery

4.Airplane Mode

Airplane mode also helps you to improve your mobile Battery life whenever you are not using mobile and you are in a meeting or else in a busy schedule, you can put your mobile in airplane mode

5.Charge Wisely

when you put for a charge be wise and smart and like maintain proper time while putting charge and  removing charge so this may also give you the best battery life

6.Use FREE WIFI When it’s Available

instead of using Mobile data, you can use WIFI whenever freely available so it may help you to improve your battery and also save the charge

7.Turn off Location Tracker

turn off the location tracker whatever app you are not using it may also reduce your charger instead to save your charge put all apps  location tracker settings off so that it will help you to improve your batter and batter battery back up

8.Turn OFF Background

clear all the background running apps and it will also consume a charge from your mobile so that clearing all the background application helps to save your battery and give a better battery  backup facility to your mobile



9.Turn OFF Visual effects and  Live wallpapers

avoid as much as possible Visual effects and live wallpapers and turn off those effects and wallpapers so it will consume more charge



10.Turn OFF Automatic app UPDATES

if you set your mobile settings auto Update it will update automatically so put your mobile settings application update turn off so that it will help you to batter battery back up and improve your battery life


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