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How to Connect WhatsApp With Google Drive for auto Backup

WhatsApp BackUp

whatsapp Backup

How to Connect WhatsApp With Google Drive for auto Backup?

WhatsApp application allows users to connect with google drive to back up their chat history and media.

this feature is available in your WhatsApp settings and you can easily set your backup.

that all stores in google drive cloud storage features like photo video audio and records and chat.

here are the below steps to Connect WhatsApp With Google Drive for auto Backup

steps to back up WhatsApp data

step1. open Whatsapp then on the right side of the corner you find 3 dot click on that

step2. go to settings and then chat Backup to click on that you will get a list of options.

step3. there you will find options chat  backup than click on “Back up Google Drive “

step4.you can back in different ways like you can backup daily, weekly, monthly, and never means it will not take back from your WhatsUp

step5 when you click on any one of them then it will ask for Gmail id which is added to google drive.

if you don’t have an account then there is an option called add account click on that. there you get an option called to create an account then enter your name and the last name then birth date and gender then choose your Gmail id than say next .then it will ask for a password and enter a password. than say next than your account is created now to say next and I agree on.

step6. then you get an option in your Gmail then click on that your data is backup in google drive and you can read or also restore whenever you want and now I will help you to restore your WhatsApp chats from google drive

How to Restore Whatsup History Backup from Google Drive

once you take a new mobile or use another WhatsApp add a mobile number and verify then simply you can restore backup data

this is one of the best methods you can easily back up and restore your data.

whenever you want but you need to have a google drive account to backup and restore that data from google drive to your WhatsApp easily, this whats app feature will help you to get your all whats app history by restoring the chats and media, this is how whats app backup and restore work with google drive.
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