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how to create and delete your instagram account permanently



  •  Instagram is a platform where you can share photos and videos.
  • It’s and a visual platform like Facebook and also it’s the best platform where you can improve your business.
  • nowadays people are using Instagram to improve their business by marketing.
  •  it’s the best platform for entertainment and you can make call video call text messages and all facilities are available.
  • to make in contact with people and to share anything you need to CREATE  and also you  DELETE your Instagram account permanently.
  •  this app’s one of the best social media to connect with people and with your friends and if you also want to enjoy the Instagram app means you need to create an account if you have already an account if there is any problem with it you can easily delete an account here you can CREATE & DELETE your Instagram account permanently
  • you can download the app so click here: INSTAGRAM 

         How to  CREATE Instagram Account

step1. first, you need to install the Instagram app from the play store then open the app

step2. after opening you will get 2 options ” LOGIN” and the second one is ” SIGN UP”  if you are new then you need to choose the SIGNUP step3. once signup you open you will get 2 options either you can log in by FACEBOOK or MOBILE NUMBER or EMAIL choose any one among that

step4.then I will choose the phone number later it will ask the mobile number to enter the mobile number and it will ask for the ” create an account ”

step5. once you enter to create an account it will as you for USER ID and PASSWORD enter that and latter you get ant OTP to your NUMBER verify it now your account is created  you can enjoy the INSTAGRAM APPLICATION


how to DELETE Instagram Account







step1.open an Instagram account then go to your profile in the top right corner you find 3 lines click on that

step2.than go to settings there you will find an option called “HELP”

step3.than go to “HELP CENTER “choose any browser like chrome

step4. then choose to manage your account then choose “DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT ”


step6. there in the below, you get an option called ” DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT ”

step7. then the log in your account then it will come to delete your account page it will ask why are you deleting your account you need to give a reason choose any one option and then enter your password  than say “permanently delete my account ” then say OK now your account is successfully deleted


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