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How To Get Call History Of Jio Number

Get Call History Of  Jio Number

get call history

Reliance jio is one one of the best telecommunication company which provides best feature and plans. this will provide the best services to all JIO users with grate high-speed network and also you can check everything. like you can check what are the recharge plans are available and data plans SMS plan data roaming and you can set caller tune and you can make recharge online etc all these things are don’t through MY JIO application.

download application click here: MY JIO APP.

my jio

one more important thing you can get the call history of your mobile number, as well as another number that, can be checked by my jio app only this is one of the best features you can make use of it to check call history of any number.

Here are the steps to check the call history of the jio number and also you can check others’ numbers just you need to follow the below steps to get call details.

Steps Get Call History Of your Jio Number

Step1. firstly you need a JIO app then login with your JIo Number.

Step2.once login you can open the application it will look like below.

Step3.than in the above you can see the search bar of MY JIO application click on that you can find the below options over there.

Step4. in that option second option transactions contain a list of options there you find an opinion called ” MY STATEMENT ” click on that.

Step5. this is how you can check statements first select the date from and to like it will give up to 30 days detail. then you can check call history.

like would you like to?

  1. view statement.
  2. email statement.
  3. download statement.

Step6.best way is to choose is to Click On Download Statement then you get complete details of your cal history with mobile number and call duration etc.

this is how you can check call history of your Jio Number.

you can also check the call history  of another number in your MY JIO APP

Steps Get Call History Of another Jio Number

Step1. open MY JIO APP then go to the search bar of MY JIO APP then click on that search enter ” Link A New Account “.

Step2. then you get Link A New Account click on that Click on the “MOBILE”

Step3.than enter your mobile number and then you get an OTP then your account is linked then you can check to call Voice and SMS.

Step4. then switch your account to the new number and follow the above instruction and you will get the call detail of that specific number.

this is how can check the call detail I hope this post is helpful for you you can share it with your friends and friends.

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