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How To Get Live Captions Of Any Video On Google Chrome

What is a Live Caption?

Get Live Captions Of Any Video On Google Chrome.

Live Caption means it usually provides a caption for audio and Video played On Google chrome. it one of the best features everyone can make use of it. now on words, you don’t need to worry about video or audio sound is not clear, Google providing the best feature that googles chrome live caption this feature especially helps those who are deaf or hard to hear.

live caption for google chrome

Steps To Turn On The Live Caption For Google Chrome

Step1.open google chrome on your pc or laptop.

Step2. then click on the 3 dots available on the right side of the corner.

Step3.you get a list of options then go to settings.

Step4. in the setting find an option called advanced click on that

Step5. you get a list of options that choose accessibility than allow the live caption.

To set google chrome you need an extended version and you can use this feature for all kinds of videos even you can use this for youtube and even on an android phone can also make use of this feature are available.

if you are using the latest version and newly launched phones like Samsung Goole pixel and one plus companies then you can also make use of live caption for the google chrome feature on your andriod phone.

if you want to set a live caption on your mobile just follow these steps.

-> go to settings than in the search bar type live caption.

-> then allow that permission to set live caption for your android.

you can also easily turn it off any time just click on the caption icon is available in the below volume control button and then press the volume increase and decrease button to lunch volume control.

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