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How To Set Caller Tune In Vi SIM

Set Caller Tune In Vi SIM

vi caller tune

You can Set Caller Tune In Vi SIM instead of boring ringing sounds you can make use of your favorite music.

in Vi you get so many songs and not only from the list you can also choose your favorite song and it may be Hollywood Bollywood and general song international song etc you can choose as per your choice.

if you want to set a caller ring tone then you need to download an application so to download the app click the below link.

Playstore:  Vi Caller Tune Application

Vi callertune

once after downloading the application you need to follow certain steps to set a caller tune to your mobile.

Steps to Set Caller Tune In Vi SIM

step1. once download the application you need to enter your mobile number and you will get an OTP to your mobile then you are login into the application.

Vi caller tune

Step2.now you are on the home page you can see a list of songs freely available.

Step3.choose any song which you want to set for your caller tune.

Step4. that click on that song and choose a set option.

Step5.now again you need to choose a set option to set caller tune to your Vi sim.

Step6.now the song is successfully set to your Vi sim and now you can enjoy it.

Step7.if you want to remove the Vi caller tune then send an SMS to 155223 then type STOP.

Steps to Set a Name Tune ON Your Vi SIM

you can also set a caller tune with your name not only the song there you get a list of songs with your name you can choose your favorite one and set to do so you need to follow below step.

Step1. similarly, like Vi caller tune you can set Name caller tune so you need to use the Vi app then login to the app with your mobile number and OTP.

Step2. in the home screen you need to swipe up and then you get a search Bar then you get a name search bar.

Step3. Enter your name in the search bar then you get a list of tunes to choose any one song.

STep4.than click on the “SET” option now your caller tune is activated to your Vi SIM.

now you can enjoy the best ring tone with name as you caller tune now you get free from that boring ringing tune.

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