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Best Freelancer Website 2021

so Freelancer Website


finally, are you looking for a freelancer for the best website 2021?

A freelancer is a self employee who offers services its an online job opportunity provided around the globe to collaborate for mutual benefit and also the employee can earn money per hour basis depends on their work and its usually short term there are several companies that provide the job opportunity some of freelancer best website 2021 are given below here are the best websites you can choose and also for beginners these all are the best websites further

1. Toptal
2. up work
3. Fiverr
4. Freelancer
5. People per hour



so Toptal is one of the best freelance website or platform and also connecting businesses with designer engineer’s and business and consultants  its private company founded in 2010 and the founder of this website Taso Du Val Breanden Beneschott the website is available all over the world there is no headquarters of this company they accept only top 3%Of several thousand monthly application

 Pros of freelancing

4.Freedom of client

cons of freelancing

2.infrequent work
3.lack of benefits
4.unlimate responsibility



Up work is one of the best marketplaces in the world connecting millions of businesses with independent talent around the world its also one of the best freelancing platform founded in 1999 (elance) but its renamed as an up work in 2015 this is also available worldwide and its headquarters in Santa Clara, US, California,

Pros of freelancing

1.Its global platform they have higher-paying projects than another site
2.its secure while using
3. also It’s a great place to start you
4.so its a great place to start your freelancing

 cons of freelancing

1.its difficult to get the first client
2.there fee is quite high



Fiverr is one of the best market places for freelance services throughout the world its launched on 1st Feb 2010 its platform where user can buy or sell a variety of digital services including writing, graphic design, translation video editing, and also programming its best platform for beginners and you need good skills and willing to pay than you need to give time research and set up your gigs they give the best chance to everyone

Pros of freelancing

1.Affordable service’s
2.Best customer support
3.Verity of project
4.Easy to use interface

cons of freelancing

1.quality service demand high charges
2.negative reviews and fraud sell
3. Hard to work on constant Money



freelancer is also one of the best platforms to work where they provide jobs like where a person can work them self rather than working for a company where people are the self employee they work for long duration mainly they work on music, writings, computer programs, web design, graphic design, etc. since It’s stated in 2009 matt Barrie is the founder of freelancer


  Pros of freelancing                                           

  1. Flexible working hour
  2. Unlimited earning
  3. Easy to find a work
  4. Freedom to choose a location, work time

cons of freelancing

  1. All-rounder abilities are  needed
  2. there is no fixed income
  3. high expenditure of time


People per hour is also a one of the best market place connected with small business and freelancers all over the world its UK based company provide an online platform for businesses to access to freelancer works it’s a private company started in 2007 Xenions Thrasyvoulos is the founder of this company

Pros of freelancing                                       

1.so It’s an extensive network fee
2.in additionally  You can have both buyers
3.Posting a job is free for buyers and seller account
4.you can share files safely and easily

cons of freelancing

1.Expensive like platform
2.Spam accounts can

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