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How To Cancel Order On Flipkart ?

Cancel Order On Flipkart

order cancelation on flipkart

Flipkart is one of the best online selling E-commerce applications used to sell several items like clothes, cosmetic, accessories, footwear, books, electronic items like phone laptop and gadgets, etc. and you can order anything from Flipkart and its easy process and also you can cancel order easily whenever you don’t want to buy.

Are you looking for how to cancel an order on Flipkart? 

don’t worry here in this article I will give complete detail of how to cancel an order on Flipkart and its what are the rules and regulations you need to follow while cancellation and refund process.

How To Cancel an Order On Flipkart?

before cancellation, you need to check the status of your order where its. if your order is shipped you are not able to cancel the order at that time you need to receive the order and then you can return the item then the amount will be refunded to your account if you paid through online banking like phone pay google pay etc.

Here Are Steps To Cancel Order

Step1. Flipkart open the application on your mobile.

Step2.there you get a 3 line in the left corner click on that then choose My Order 

Step3.than you get a list of products you ordered then choose a specific product which you want to cancel.

Step4.than you can get an option called cancel to click on that.

Step5.than they will ask you the reason for the cancellation they listed n number of reasons you can choose any one relatable reason otherwise you can choose another and in the comment section, you can comment.

Step6.than you will get a confirmation notification whether you want to cancel then you can say confirm cancellation.

step7.now the order is canceled your amount will be refunded to your respective account within 3 to 4 working days.

How To Cancel Order On Flipkart Website?

cancal order on flipkart website

similarly like in the mobile application you can also cancel the order on the website here are the below steps you need to follow.

Step1.visit the www.flipkart.com website and login to your Flipkart account.

Step2. once login on to your account click on username then you get a list of options.

Step3.choose my Order then you get all the order lists then select one specific order.

Step4.once choosing order there you find an option called Cancel then click on that.

Step5.than you need to choose a reason to cancel the order and submit it.

Step6.the order cancellation notification will come then confirm the cancellation.

Step7.now your order is canceled and your amount will be refunded to your account.

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