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How To Cancel Product On Myntra ?

Cancel Product On Myntra


Myntra is one of the best e-commerce companies. used to sell cloth accessories and beauty care products etc nowadays it becomes more popular all are going through the online shopping and it’s easier and faster. you will get more collections over there also you get some offers and discount while shopping and its easy process you can order through mobile or website you can order the product cancel and return all features are available over there here in this article I am going to help you like how to cancel the order and return the product you need to follow the below steps.

How To Cancel An Order Myntra

how to cancel order in Myntra

Step1. Open Myntra application then go to my orders.

Step2.than you will get all the orders.

Step3. then select the product which you want to cancel the order.

Sep4.than you get 2 options to cancel and help option then click on cancel.

Step5.once clicking on cancel it will as you for a reason to cancel the order.

Step6.than choose the exact reason why you cancel the order.

Step7.once choosing the reason you get a confirmation message than say confirm your cancellation.

Refund Process On Myntra

similarly to all e-commerce websites or applications, this application also has the same process of refund.

in this application one cancellation of order your amount will be refunded to your respective account like online banking, phone ay google pay otherwise directly they transfer money.

this how the process takes place how to cancel order and refund process so I hope this article will help you.

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