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How To Do Mobile Recharge via Google Pay

Mobile Recharge via Google Pay

now a day’s everyone uses smartphones.  in our olden days, it’s hard to make any transaction and now it’s become so easier due to online banking. in the olden days we need to walk and reach there to make any traction now it’s easy to transfer money. and all by using an online banking app you can make a bill payment, recharge can book tickets, and transfer money, etc. it’s easy to make a mobile recharge using an online banking app. there are multiple android apps are there to transfer money like Google pay, phone pay, Amazon pay, etc.

Here I will guide you on how to recharge your mobile using Google pay you need to follow the below steps to recharge your mobile

Step1. First, check the internet connection later check you have Google pay app or not if you have then opened otherwise install the app and register. Google pay installation

Step2.once after the app is opened here you see an option called new, then select add new.

then you get an option called mobile recharge, then click over.

that add a phone number, it will check the network and information automatically which network that sim belonging like jio, airtel, etc.

Step3.  enter number then continue then choose any plan you want then you get to proceed to pay.


Step4. clicking proceed to pay then enter your password and the transaction is successful.

Step5. Now your mobile recharge is successfully done.


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