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  How to password protect a word document in windows

password protect a word document in windows

If you have any personal data and you don’t want to share it with anyone so it’s a good idea for you to set a   password to protect a word document in windows your data and by putting a password it’s more secure and safe you can put password to mobile Gmail application password and etc. but here I will guide you to protect your world document with a password

Here are the best and easy steps to protect your document with a password

Step1.open Microsoft world document

step2. that go to info and you will get multiple options and check those options

step3. later select the permissions option to protect the document

step4.in that you will get again multiple options and in that select second option called Encrypt With Password

step5. after selection of Encrypt with the password, you get a pop-up message and in that, you need to add the password and then say OK


step6.now your password is successful set whenever you open you need to enter a password to protect your data


now you can easily able to protect your document by setting a password to your world document and even this will give security to your document and its more secure and safe because of the password no one can easily access but to access that need to provide password this makes your document more safe and secure from the third party.

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