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How to Download Facebook video

Facebook video downloader

Now a day’s everyone uses Facebook but there is no option for downloading Facebook videos, so don’t worry I will help you with how to download Facebook videos here are the steps for downloading a Facebook video

Step1.Open the Facebook app and log in to your FB account then go to the video block

Step2.choose any one video which you want to download from Facebook to your gallery then choose 3 dots  and then choose copy link the link is copied now

Step3. Open Chrome or Google-type Facebook video downloader than you get below website click on that hear is the like of that website you can click on that direction you will reach to that website:  fbdown.net


Step4. There is a search bar past the video link and then say download.

step5. then your video will be downloaded to your gallery. now you can watch videos whenever you want your Facebook video is successfully saved to your gallery.

in this article, you will get to know completely how to download Facebook videos, and also if you want to clear your Facebook search history then click on the below link.

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