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Laptop Format with or without CD

 Formatting Laptop

Looking for Laptop Format But Don’t know how To Format here is the Best Solution. formatting a laptop is actually formatting the hard disk  and all the data or files we see on the screen that all are present in that drive it means it will delete or removes all data and restore the laptop to a blank position

Ex: files and error


Formatting is necessary because

  • Your system is not working properly or getting slow
  • If you want to upgrade then also you have to format
  • If there are lots of error or virus problem
  • If in case your hard drive is full  there are lots of files
  • Sometimes your system or laptop may not start


Formatting is done in 2 ways

  1. By using CD you can format
  2. Without out using CD also you can format

Formatting data without using CD

Whenever your laptop is working slow or even in case if you are don’t want to share your data when you are giving your laptop to someone that time you can format data within few minutes without disk

Following are the step to format data without disk:

Step1:  click start and then go to control panel and then click on system and security

Step 2:on new page select backup and restore displayed

Step3:  after doing or selecting the backup and restore window, click on the recover system settings and then select advanced recovery methods.

Step 4: then there are 2 options available

  1. Restore file from a system image backup
  2. Return your computer to factory condition then click on the second option

Step 5: then again you will get 2 option create backup and skip it and continue the factory then you can choose either any one of them if you want the backup to choose the first one else to choose the second one

Step6:  Then click on the Restart button to reboot and to start the factory reset process after the window will shut down and after few minutes it will start again you will get a notification then you have to select the keyboard input method then click next

Step7:  After you will get 3 options like restore type

  1. Restore operation systems to factory default
  2. Restore operating system and retain user data
  3. Exit

Then select the first option and then click next and again next then at last ok

          Formatting laptop by CD

There is another method where you can format laptop by using CD to format your laptop by using CD the fallow given below steps

Step 1: Insert the CD into your laptop and restart your system

Step 2: at that moment press delete to enter BIOS. Select BIOS features and set the first boot device to CDROM then press Y to save the setup

Step 3: in the window set up screen press shift+F10 to open command prompt window

Step4:type in command prompt “format c:/” in the window and enter Y to complete the formatting process

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