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What Is Web Hosting ,types of Hosting and Its Registration Process

then  there are Web Hosting

  • Web Hosting is the process of allocating space on the webserver for the website to store files. so it’s an online service where you will publish your website when you sign up for a web hosting service you will get a space for rent to store all files and data for your website there  are different types of Hosting are available and also there is a registration process  there are mainly 4 types of web hosting and in below you get complete detail of registration process
  • so Domain and web hosting are different but these two elements are used for running a website where the domain is the unique address allocated to your website whereas web hosting is the storage or space allocated for the website to store the data and files


  1. shared hosting
  2. VPS hosting
  3. Dedicated hosting
  4. cloud hosting


shared hosting is one type of hosting there is a single physical server host with multiple sites there are many users access the resources from a single server and their advantages and disadvantages are listed below.

  1. Low cost
  2. Simplicity
  1. System crashes
  2. Security
  3. Slow performance




A virtual private server is between shared hosting and dedicated hosting  setup  where your website runs on its own server it’s secure and stable than shared hosting  moreover don’t  get a dedicated server space

  1. improve performance
  2. save money
  3. increase reliability
  4. dedicated resources
  5. fully managed services
  1. less demanding for users
  2. high cost than share and maintenance required more



Dedicated web hosting is hosting  for a dedicated single business  and that customer has complete access control over the machine and you may also change the configuration of the server and add new software and even add a high level of security


1.Owner can configure the machine

2.Best for those who don’t want to share resources

3.Complete control over resources

4.Cheap and best hosting and server setup


1.Technical knowledge and experience required

2.Hiring a technician can be added cost



Cloud hosting is a server and network infrastructure that use the software and it is divided into a single physical server into multiple virtual servers


1.Site loads quickly

2 .advanced technology


1.Complicted to manage

2.More technical knowledge required for the site owner


here is the complete  registration process of web Hosting

  • Decide what type of website you want like

static or dynamic

  • choose hosting servers like Linux and windows
  • select your web hosting plan like shared, dedicated, VPS, and cloud hosting
  • Change your DNS address
  1. go to domain control panel http://manage.hostgator.in/customer.

2. also entervemail ID and PASSWORD then

  1. click on domain ->domain registration -> name server

4. then update the name server with a current web host

  • hence Upload your website using the Cpanel file manager.
  • in addition, Connect FTP once connection after that you will see the files and folder.
  1. local computer on the left

2.web hosting service on the right

  • also Uploading files via Filezilla From the left-hand side select the files and upload then drag and drop
  • so After uploading the finished FileZilla logo will confirm success and now your website is live

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