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what is Domain DomainType And its Registration Process


what is Domain DomainType And its Registration Process? , Nowadays everyone uses a different site and has a different name but not everyone knows where this internet domain name comes from and who control all those things …..??

Here you will get everything like what is domain and where the domain comes from and how it works

A domain name is a web  address  or URL(uniform resource locator) used to access the web site  such as google.com it was created to make IP (Internet protocol) address are easier to remember an IP address is a string of numbers that is assigned to the computer every domain name is unique just like a fingerprint to different domain types are there and also there is the registration process

Domain name and website are different when you register an internet domain you get a web address if you have a website then you have a domain like each domain name is connected to a specific IP address


Domain name -> www.domain.me

IP address       ->


DNS is a server with a massive database  that maps an internet domain name to an IP address

1.The  hostname will take the URL from the user

2.Then the TCP  request is sent to the DNS server and check for availability

3.The server will check and compare the IP address

4.If the address is available it will respond back with a result  otherwise there is an error message



1.top-level domains

2.country code top-level domains

3.generic top-level domains

4.second-level domains

5.third level domains

1.top-level domains

TLD domain is the highest level domain names in the hierarchical DNS of internet  and the is in root directory the most popular TDL are



2.country code top level domains

ccTLD are  specific  to countries and territories

Example :

.be(belgum ),.uk(united kingdom),.us(united states of America)

3.generic top-level domains

Its  different variation of TLD


military like .mil

4.second-level domains

There are comes under TLD in terms of hierarchy like www.hostgator.com

Even ccTLD also have second-level domains


Co.uk, .gov.the UK, .giv.au…etc.

5.third level domains

These come under the second-level domain in this we have a subdomain like we use these for different purpose like

Adding a blog, creating a resource section, hosting app, creating an online store….etc.


1.decide the unique domain name which you want.

There are so many rules and regulation when it comes to a domain name like It should be unique and also available It consists only alphanumeric characters and hyphens but there is no space (a-z, A-Z,0-9)


2.check if it’s available.

3.choose a domain registration company?

Example: namecheap,godaddy,name.com,domain.com..etc.

4.purchase your domain.

1.choose company like Namecheap then type your domain name then search

2.then review the possible domains and pick the one you want and then add to the cart

3 you can create a login process and bull with Namecheap

4.pay for the domain name and continue then review the payment summary and authorization  then you get review thank you page

5.verfy your email address like basically, you have 14 days time to verify mail address

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