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Difference Between SEO and SMO

Difference Between SEO and SMO


SEO and SMO are used in Google. here is a few Differences you can see.



1. SEO stands for  Search Engine Optimization  1. SMO stands for  Search Media Optimization
2.it will  Pick up the ranking website based on the search engine of the users 2. it will  utilize social media to get more traffic from social media
Example. Google yahoo etc.   Example. Facebook WhatsApp Instagram etc.
3.Lasting effect and take time  3.immediate effect you get
4. Activity search related to the site   4.link comes from success better
to link your increased ranking    quality content and more people link this            become more popular
5.By search engine data will be spreads   5.by human readers
6. Its all importance is about content what you write   6. site structure

in the above article, you get a complete idea of what SEO and SMO and its difference.

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