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How To Check Warranty Coverage Apple iPhone

How to Check Warranty Coverage of Apple iPhone and iPad


How To Check Warranty Coverage Apple iPhone?

We’ve previously discussed the way to check the warranty coverage of your Apple products via the company’s support website. But recent updates to Apple’s software have made the method even easier, especially for iOS devices.

Starting with iOS 12.2 the newest version of Apple’s OS for the iPhone and iPad.

how to see warranty coverage within the device’s settings itself. This makes the method much faster and easier: there’s no got to copy any serial numbers or solve any of these annoying CAPTCHA forms.

first, confirm your iPhone or iPad is updated and running a minimum of iOS 12.2.

Then follow the steps below.

Step1.Switch on the phone then go to Settings app then select General then Go to about

Step2. In about  menu, you find the new entry labeled like Warranty or AppleCare

Step3. This will Display the Coverage screen and it contains all the detail. like Phone types of coverage. currently registered to your device. the expiration date of your iPhone, and its hardware warranty.

Step4. Now you get complete detail and warranty and even you can extend your warranty by using AppleCare
You need to purchase by using this you can easily extend your warranty and here is the link to buy AppleCare: extended warranty services

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