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Mobile ROOT and its Advantage and Disadvantage of ROOT

what is Mobile ROOT?

Mobile ROOT and its Advantage and Disadvantage of ROOT. Rooting is the process that allows users to access complete authority to access all the hardware and software and complete access to make changes. means unlocking the OS so that you can make whatever changes you want like you can install apps and delete the app you can update the OS and whatever you want you can customize. it’s not an easy process while rooting mobile there may be chances of your mobile will become useless and also you lose your mobile warranty etc some of tits Advantage and Disadvantage of ROOT are listed below.

Is rooting safe?

is it safe to root your phone or not?
It depends on your device and technical know-how, but we generally advise against it. If you recognize what you’re doing and are willing to face the danger of losing your phone or your data then choose it.
Otherwise, you can download malware, lose your warranty, and make your phone lose and useless. It’s also important to determine whether you really need to root your phone. Remember, it can’t be undone once you root


The advantages of rooting include the likelihood of complete control over the design and feel of the device. As a superuser has access to the device’s system files, all aspects of the OS are often customized with the sole real limitation being the extent of coding expertise Immediately expectable advantages of rooted devices include the subsequent
1. Support for themes, allowing everything to be visually changed from the color of the battery icon to the boot animation that appears while the device is booting, and more.

2. Full control of the kernel, which, for instance, allows overclocking and underclocking the CPU and GPU.

3.Full application control, including the power to completely backup, restore, or batch-edit applications, or to get rid of bloatware that comes pre-installed on some phones.
4.Custom automated system-level processes through the utilization of third-party applications.
5.Ability to put in custom firmware also referred to as a custom ROM or software like Xposed, Magisk, BusyBox, etc. that permits additional levels of control on a rooted device.


1. Rooting can go wrong and turn your phone off and useless brick.
2. You will void your warranty.
3. Your phone is more vulnerable to malware and hacking.
4. Some rooting apps are malicious.
5. You might lose access to high-security apps

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