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How to Connect Wireless Headphone to Laptop

are you looking for a connection of wireless headphones to laptops??  here are the easy steps to connect headphones to your laptop…….! 

Do you remember our olden days that time we all use wired headphones and all now the time passes we came with wireless headphones and we use for listening music and audios and we can connect our headphones to mobile to listen and also you can use headphone for laptop and by using Bluetooth you can connect mobile as well as PC and Laptop here are the steps to Connect Wireless Headphone to Laptop.

Steps to connect wireless headphones

Step1. Make sure that your laptop and headphones are on

Step2. Turn on the Bluetooth headphone pairing mode and by deep pressing the power key

Step3. Once the paring mode is on go to the control panel of the laptop and their select add device

Step4.otherwiseyou can also go for direct Bluetooth settings using the WINDOW Key search option

Step5. Once the Bluetooth settings open select add device and it will search the nearby Bluetooth device

Step6. Select the correct Bluetooth name and then connect it will do some driver installation

Step7. After installation is done the wireless headphones are now ready to use.

now your headphone is connected to Desktop and you can use it.

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