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single Phone With DUAL What’s App

how to use what’s App in a single phone that to DUAL ??

single Phone With DUAL Whatsapp. Now a day’s everyone use Smartphone’s and most smartphones are DUAL SIM you’ll make use two SIM card slots officially you’ll ’t use dual what’s App account in the single phone but some Smartphone companies will provide the facility of dual what’s up feature and you can enjoy the twin what’s up like Vivo Samsung oppo Xiaomi honor etc. .you can easily use dual what’s App abreast of this mobile by changing the setting you’ll enjoy the twin what’s up here are the steps to use single Phone With DUAL Whatsapp.

Dual What’s App settings

1.vivo: attend settings there you decide on app clone and you’ll select what’s up clone app on
2. Samsung: attend settings than advance features a select dual messenger
3. Xiaomi: setting select Dual apps any set as yes
4.Honor: attend settings app twin then select what’s up and set it as yes
5.oppo: need to settings select clone apps than say on

here is an example of setting what’s App DUAL of OPPO MOBILE

step1.  Go to settings then select app cloner

Step2. then you get a list application then you need to select what’s App

step3. then you get an option called Clone app you need to set yes then you can see the what’s up clone app



step4.now you can enjoy the dual what’s App

more detail: WhatsApp help center.

for any query you can contact by clicking the above link you can reach the WhatsApp help center.

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