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How To Make Payment On WhatsApp

WhatsApp Payment

Whatsapp payment

  • Payment On WhatsApp , whatsapp  is one of the most popular applications all over the world.
  • On whatsapp, there are several features you can make use of.
  • another best feature you can use is whatsapp Payment.
  • like phone pay google pay and UPI similarly, you can use this application.
  • here are the steps you need to follow to make use of WhatsApp Payment.

Steps Set up WhatsApp Payment

step1. power on the phone than open whatsapp application.

step2.than go to setting select payments than you get “send and receive money securely with UPI than Accept and Continue than verify your Phone number .

Step3. select your bank account and than add  your bank account to whome you are paying they also need an  account.

Step3.once the receiver also have an accoun than enter amount and than enter your PIN and than the amount is transfered

step4.it will test weather the user have account or not if the UPI is there the amount will be transferred other wise it will show a notification message

 Note :

  • to transfer and receive money you need Phone Number but don’t worry QR code and people won’t be able to use your whatsapp payment method with out mobile number and this one of the safe and secure transaction you can make use .
  • whatsApp only work and make payments through mobile and it will not work in Whatsapp Web and no need to worry about Security .
  • you can easily make use of this application to transfer money to your friends and family through this application .
  • its also secure safe and faster transfer application .
For any Further clarfication contact  : [ WhatsApp Help Center ]
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