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How To Reset Android Phone When It Is Locked

Reset Android Phone When It Is Locked

how to reset your locked phone

  • How To Reset Android Phone When Locked?
  • nowadays everyone sets a password to mobile it may be PATTERN or PIN.
  • it’s necessary because it provided more security.
  • to your phone, no one can use your mobile without your PIN.
  •  if you forget your password then what.
  •  in this case, you can reset the phone and use but the question arises ” How To Reset Android Phone When It Is Locked “
  • no need to worry here I will help you with How To Reset an Android Phone When It Is Locked.

Here are steps to Reset Android Phone

Step1. first, switch off your Phone.

Step2. next, you need to press Volum Button + Power button.

Step3. then you will get an Android Recovery Mode there you get some options.

Step4. you can use the Volume button to choose options to highlight Wipe data and Factory Reset.

Step5. then use the power button to choose the factory reset option.

Step6. now highlight and say yes then confirm the Phone Reset.

Step7. it will clear all the data and it will erase everything and reboot.

step8. once the reset over, press the power button to start your phone.

this how you can reset your phone it’s easy and no need to pay and no need to visit the customer service center and you can do It by yourself.

next time while setting a password choose the best patteren or PIN.

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