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How to Setup Fingerprint on whatsapp


Are you searching for  Fingerprint on what’s up and to provide security? here are the easy and best steps to Setup Fingerprint on what’s up…….!


Setup Fingerprint on whatsapp. Now a day’s everyone uses social media for chatting sharing data transfer files and images and it easier and faster even you can provide security to your what’s App by setting privacy and policy you can set a fingerprint to your what’s up here I will guide you the steps to Setup Fingerprint on WhatsApp.

Step1. First, you need to check your internet connectivity then open what’s App application

Step2. Then in what’s App, you will find 3 dots on the right side of the top then click on that button

Step3. Then go to settings there you get a list of the option then you need to select account than privacy in that, at last, you get an option called Fingerprint to lock  then select that


Step4.then you need to allow for unlocking with Fingerprint then touch your finger


step5.  you get 3 option that while setting fingerprint-like Automatically lock

  • Immediately
  • After 1 minute
  • After 30 minutes

You can choose any one of that like the process of lock should appear immediately or after 1 min or after 30 min now your password I mean to say your fingerprint is added to you what’s App account

step6. now you can enjoy the whatsApp with security with your fingerprint.

this is one of the best features you can make use of

to provide more security to your WhatsApp you can use no one can access your whatsapp with out your fingerprint this is how you can provide best.

if you have any query related to whatsapp clik on the below link further information .

for any query click here: [  WhatsApp help center ]
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