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How To Clear Cache on Android

How To Clear Cache on Android

how to clear cache on Android

How to clear Cache on Android ?

  • while you are using a mobile you will face lots of problems one problem is related to the cache memory.
  • this problem may slow down your mobile as well as hang problems also you will face.
  • but to solve this problem it’s necessary to clear the cache data from time to time so that you can use it faster and hang free.
  •  now no need to worry about how to clean the cache data on your android here are the steps you need to follow to Clean Cache on Android.

Here Are The Steps To Clean The Cache On Android

Step1. first, you need to power on the mobile

Step2. then go to SETTING

Step3. then there you get a list of option there select STORAGE

Step4.than click on the cached data

Step5. then you will get a below notification ” clear cached data ?” this will clear cached data for all apps there you get two options to cancel and ok then click on ” OK”

Step6. Once all the data is cleared you can restart your mobile and your mobile is now ready to use.

so now on words, you can use time to time clear the cache data so it will improve your mobile speed, and also your mobile is free from the hang.

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